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    Google Chromebook - My First Impression        August 27, 2013

    Well, I finally got around to it. I tested my first Google Chromebook yesterday. I was glad that I settled on the HP Chromebook with a 14 inch screen. I was very surprised that it didn't seem at all like an OpenSuse Linux Operating System (OS). Linux hasn't mastered the level that Microsoft and Apple has for visual display (and I think Microsoft has a much better screen presentation than Macintosh). But I would put Google's Chromebook display way above my Linux OS and about on par with the Apple OS.

    Far more important though was that the Chromebook definitely lives up to its reputation for security. Except for an easily guessed password in the hands of others, it appears to be impregnable. So after my review of this 'mighty fortress,' I'll let folks know about the easy ways to memorize very complex passwords.

    The secret to Google's high security level happens to be an age-old method used by mainframe computer manufacturers where the 'Primary Drives' were accessible to technicians (and Trojans), but the 'Mirror Drives' were impregnable and there was a constant checking system to see if there were any discrepancies between the two. If there were, the Mirror Drives would overwrite the affected Primary Drives. The only people who could make any changes to the Mirror Drives were high level security personnel who were dispatched from the manufacturer's main office.

    Google is the manufacturer of their Chromebook/Chromebox software and they essentially re-designed the hardware architecture to suit their needs. Basically, there is no CD/DVD drive bay and all personal files are stored in Google's Cloud. To the best of my knowledge, every time Google's OS boots up, it becomes a 'brand new' computer. Any mischievous activity, regardless of whether it was a malware intrusion or a mistake by the user, no longer exists. And that leads us to the next question' How secure is Google's Cloud from hackers and other miscreants' Answer: I wouldn't call the Chrome OS 'impregnable' if I had the slightest doubt. But APP vendors do have the advantage of gaining some personal information. Google lets the downloaders of these Apps know about what (they think) is collected. (Where's the proof')

    I've been studying Google's methodology since the day they stormed the Internet and toppled the competition in the process. I, myself, was involved with Google's entrance into the 'Local Internet' market. My main website's domain name '' (pronounced by saying the individual letters 'G-L-I-Q') initially stood for 'The Google Local Internet Queue.' I decided to go public with my idea as I realized that there wasn't any way I could launch the system by myself. Today, 'GLIQ' stands for 'The Global Local Internet Queue' and it still has some advantages over Google's version. You can view my work at my personal website:'. ' You will see under the heading 'Simplifying Internet Searches for Local Interest that See Website will open Google Maps and my local search engine predated Google's by more than three years See Website '

    Another point I'd like to make about Google's Chrome OS is that it is a great advantage for web developers in that it has direct access to Google's programming methods know as API's which stands for 'Application Programming Interface.' There are many advantages in learning about Google's API's because of the volume of innovations that Google comes up with. In one of my websites,, I used Google Map's API to create very unique cartography See Website '

    In summarizing the really good points of the Google Chrome OS is that most computer users will have the advantage of doing almost everything they normally do on a Windows PC. The vibrant colors of movies and pictures on a 14' HD screen is as good as it gets for the $300 purchase price. Surfing the Internet is a fast as any PC I've ever used and the very slight degradation of some of the lettering is a very small price to pay for security advantages that the Chrome OS has. I would say that the only rival that the Google Chromebook's level of security is the Apple Ipad, but the Chromebooks costs less. And with the exception of its portability and camera, I think the Chromebook is far and away a better as it provides many more services and applications which brings us to the most important issue'

    No one can deny that Apple's Ipad is a computer, but to compare an Apple Ipad with an off-the-shelf notebook with a Windows 8 'Core' version (which used to be called 'Home' version) is superfluous. It's not even close. Without any USB ports or DVD R/W drive, it's hardly a match for the computer power and options of a Window's OS. With Apple's Ipad, you can't even plug in a keyboard or mouse if you wanted to. But the portability and security of an Ipad, going anywhere you want without the slightest thought of antivirus or malware problems gives the computing power and freedom that millions of Ipad owners the world over continue to enjoy. Conversely, anyone willing to sacrifice a small amount of portability for a lot more computing power at a lower price, the Google Chromebook provides many more advantages, not only to the average computer user, but also for business people as well.

    Instead of Ipad's camera, the Chromebook has a webcam for video conferencing (as well as personal use). With its USB Ports, not only can you plug in peripherals such as a full size keyboard and mouse, the Chromebooks have an HDMI port for view your pictures or watching movies. Another important business asset is Google's important business function is its VPN (Virtual Private Network) capability which operates with any standard Remote Desktop Technology. With this advantage, users can operate their home or office computers. With standard size keyboard, mouse and an HDMI display, the mini-notebook becomes a full featured desktop with all the amenities. And there is still the best advantage of the Chrome OS has to offer, Security!

    At the forefront of the Gliq concept is a greater awareness for the growing need for privacy and security. If there is anything that grows faster than personal computer technology, it is the technology that hackers and some businesses and governments use to breach your privacy and security. There is no shortage of those who will borrow, steal or destroy your data. And in our recent report on Remote Access Trojan intrusions, Gliq has shown that 'Enterprise Level Organized Crime-Ware' now has the ability to incorporate your computer into their underground networks (without your knowledge, of course). Below is just one example of the kind of 'crime-ware' that is readily available to be used against the unsuspecting. Here's the example'

    Business people travel, and when they do, they take their laptops with them. And when they go for lunch or dinner, they often leave their laptops on the desk where they were working. As our expose` on 'RATs' (Remote Access Intrusions), leaving a Windows laptop unattended (or desktop for that matter) can lead to the most unsafe security breach anyone can imagine.

    Every Windows PC I've tested can be booted up into a Linux OS using a correctly formatted USB flash drive or DVD. When the computer boots up in the Linux OS, ALL of the files on the computer are visible to the Linux File Manage and all of the Windows files on the computer can be harvested onto a USB external drive. Using USB3 technology, the process can take less than 10 minutes. And how can you avoid this'

    The only way this boot procedure can be avoided is by having a qualified technician limit the computer's boot options to the C: Drive only. With only the C: Drive option, computers that fail to boot must again be re-programmed to allow a DVD drive to boot the computer in order to make repairs. With this limitation, those who depend on their laptops should keep an identical second computer in a ready-to-go state. There must be a better way.

    Simply stated, business people have to come to the realization that breaches of computer security have grown at an exponential rate. Simply leaving your notebook computer in other than a totally secure area has now become a security breach. Taking the computer everywhere you go increases the risk of theft. But then there is the other way' That is, having a business capable notebook computer without a DVD drive that won't boot up with a USB Drive will put your security concerns at ease. And if you're wondering how you would reboot the computer if malicious software shuts it down, you can rest at ease on that issue, too. Every time a Google Chromebook boots up, it boots up as a brand new computer. Nothing survives on a Chromebook hard drive after a shutdown except the data that is supposed to be there. And there is no way you can protect your data any better than that.